Who We Are

Starboard Global Limited (“Starboard”) is a venture capital and project development group that focuses on investments in the natural resources sector. Starboard provides project financing, corporate and strategic advice and project management services to early stage and development mineral projects through to production.


Starboard was founded in 2013 by a group of like-minded entrepreneurs with a strong background in the natural resources sector. The company has worked with governments, industry leading resource companies and start-up entrepreneurs to nurture, manage and advance assets towards production. The Company partners with sovereign wealth funds, investment banks, private equity, venture capital funds and family offices in order to secure appropriate project financing.

What We Do

Starboard typically provides funding at an early stage to progress assets along the development path. A key aspect of Starboard’s business model is having high-quality project partners and management teams to advance the project along the value curve. We also maintain strong relationships with the management of the companies in which we invest. When exiting a project, the Company takes into consideration the commodity cycle stage, projected value once in production and the interests of all stakeholders.

Investment Philosophy

Starboard's investment philosophy is to generate returns that are multiples of the initial investment. Assets are selected and invested in after taking into close consideration all valuation metrics and risk mitigation strategies. The Company uses in-house expertise and a network of well-regarded mining professionals and corporates to rapidly evaluate and progress assets. A key aspect of Starboard’s investment philosophy is achieving commodity and project diversity by taking a portfolio approach. The Company also adopts a long-term investment approach, typically with a 3–5 year investment horizon. This enables Starboard to realise the uplift as value is added to the project.

What We Invest In

Starboard typically focuses on investing in pre-production junior exploration companies in the minerals or petroleum sector. The Company has the ability to invest at the seed level, IPO stage or post-IPO stage. The Company does not have a specific commodity focus but takes into account where a particular projects commodity mix sits in the economic cycle and what the supply and demand outlook is for those commodities. Starboard also is mandated to only invest in projects or companies that are socially and environmentally responsible.

Corporate Governance

Starboard's ethical Code of Conduct sets out the need for accountability, transparency and sustainability in all of our ventures. The Company's values and behaviours are centred on fair dealing to protect the interests of all stakeholders. Starboard is committed to conducting its business in accordance with high standards of corporate governance with a view to creating and delivering value for all stakeholders. The Company has adopted a system of internal controls, a risk mitigation framework and corporate governance policies and practices which are designed to support and promote the responsible management and conduct of the Company.

Our Team

Dr Robert Wrixon

Managing Director

Rob Wrixon is the current Managing Director of Starboard Global Ltd, with commercial experience in corporate strategy, marketing, mining M&A and exploration management. He has previously run two listed mineral exploration/development companies in Australia and before that spent five years in corporate strategy and business development for Xstrata plc (now Glencore) based in Sydney and London. He began his professional career as a management consultant and project manager for a global strategy consulting firm. Rob is a dual Irish and Australian national and holds a PhD in mineral engineering from the University of California, Berkeley.

Mr Andrew Randall

Strategic Advisor and Consultant

Andy Randall is one of the founders of Starboard Global Ltd. Andy is also the Managing Partner of the Hong Kong office of a leading international offshore law firm and he routinely advises on Starboard’s legal and corporate affairs. He is recognised globally as a leading offshore lawyer with a wealth of international legal experience and is a major investor in many recently successful mining projects. Andy is an Australian national and holds a Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Arts from Macquarie University.